Modern Hearing Solutions In Canton, OH, Alliance, OH, Akron, OH,
Millersburg, OH, Wadsworth, OH, and New Philadelphia, OH


Modern Hearing Solutions In Canton, OH, Alliance, OH, Akron, OH, Millersburg, OH, Wadsworth, OH, and New Philadelphia, OH


Modern Hearing Solutions In Canton, OH, Alliance, OH, Akron, OH, Millersburg, OH, Wadsworth, OH, and New Philadelphia, OH

Patient Reviews

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With over 20,000 patients helped since 1994, we have received numerous reviews of Modern Hearing Solutions & Choice Hearing Center praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate team members, and state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our hearing centers.

Watch the video above to hear our patient, Frank’s experience with Tinnitus, and traveling from Pennsylvania to Ohio for his treatment!

“A Five Star Review for Modern Hearing Solutions in Alliance, Oh. From start to finish, we couldn’t have been more pleased. The receptionist, Alexis, was so friendly, courteous, and professional both on the phone, and in person. She made our appointments at the same time to save us an extra trip and called the day before with a friendly reminder. Eric Mounts took his time with both of our exams and made sure we understood the results of our testing and the options and his recommendations to treat our hearing loss. He went over pricing and we felt no pressure to make a decision if we needed more time to think it over. We would recommend Modern Hearing Solutions to anyone. Thank You Eric and Alexis”

– Donna S.

“My elderly mother had a serious hearing loss. Years of experimenting with mail order aids did not give good results. Modern Hearing Solutions was selected after a referral from her insurer. We found the staff to be extremely courteous and understanding. During today’s follow up visit, Mother was given answers to her questions that arose after a few days of usage. Mom is now able to hear things that she’s been denied for years. We have nothing bad to say about Ms. Woods and Modern Hearing.”

– Dale L.

“Kyle really thoroughly explained every detail of hearing loss and did such a thorough exam. When she meant me she even noticed I had started lip reading. I was really not wanting hearing aides but you couldn’t get me to stop using them now. She told me it would be an adjustment and to hang in there and I did. My family is so grateful I took this step. Alexis always greets you with a smile and is so pleasant. She goes out her way to make you comfortable while waiting for your appointment. They are a great team. Thank you for changing my life for the better!!!”

– Marlene W.

“You can always trust Modern Hearing for top notch quality customer service. The product they sell, hearing aids, are also top quality. They continually monitor your hearing aids after you have purchased them to make sure they are programmed to the best accuracy for your hearing. They will also adjust the sound for you as many times as you require. I especially want to give Kyle a thumbs up for her knowledge, patients and friendly disposition. She is very good at her job.”

– Pauline C.

“Both Dr. Kyle Woods and Cassandra were very professional, friendly and helpful with the process of me getting new hearing aids. My first visit was very long and informative and the doctor could see I was getting tired and overwhelmed. She made me a second visit to cover things that were important for taking care of the hearing aids and she said they will continue to take care of any issues I have in the future. “

– Annie E.

“The staff at Modern Hearing Solutions always go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. On more than one occasion I have had a last minute hearing aide (Lyric) issue and needed an ‘emergency’ replacement. The team at Modern Hearing has never failed-thanks and keep up the great service!”


“My hearing impaired daughter has gotten amazing service and Dr. Kyle always listens and helps to find the best solutions for her. Even when we were stuck overseas for the past few years, she always was patient and helpful to our daughter. Anyone hesitant to look for hearing solutions should start here. Highly recommended!!”

– Joshua P.

“I have waited and waited to finally go and have my hearing checked, I was to the point of frustration not being able to understand conversations. I could hear, just couldn’t make out certain words and sounds. I didn’t realize you could hear and not understand conversations until I went and talked with Doctor Kyle, she was very understanding of my frustration and took me through a complete check up. When I left I was only mad that I hadn’t done this years ago. The first thing I noticed was the sounds of the birds in my backyard, I had always heard them but this one the first time in a long time that I actually HEARD them! And….no more closed captions on the TV. Highly recommend Kyle and her team at Modern Hearing Solutions in Canton.”

– David W.

“Mom and I both have purchased hearing aides at Modern Hearing Solutions and have had them for almost 2 years. The staff is very thorough and friendly and will help with any issues adjustments etc in a super timely manner. I can’t say enough about their staff and the hearing aides themselves. I love the Bluetooth feature.”

– Michele P.

“Previously I bought online hearing aids. Ergo with a 2 yr pmt plan. The right worked fairly well for 9 months. I sent it back and without question they sent me a new 1. The left worked for 13 months. I tried to get a replacement. They said on way, but we will give you a discount. NO THANKS.
So I had no working aids for the balance of the year. I can’t wear just 1. With Modern Hearing I lease mine, and if anything happens I just drive locally and get it replaced. It’s 50 dollars more per month, but worth every cent.”

– Jack A.

Top quality service as usual, had my hearing aids in for service and they supposedly came back all programmed and ready to go. Not the case and they worked me in to check them and no there needed to be programmed. So 10 minutes later they are back to normal and working as they should with my iPhone and the Widex app.

– Scott V.

The MHS team and process is top notch and highly effective. Ellie is extraordinary in her technical knowledge and her ability to lead you to the very best solution for your hearing needs. She is patient when you might not be so, and professionally direct when you need that.

– Michael

The masking available with the hearing aids they offer has greatly reduced the ringing my ears are subject to.   In addition they have a crowded room mode to enhance communication with someone across the table from you.   With microphones in front and back,  I’m having a much better time with being able to locate where a sound is originating from.   If you ever go there,  tell them Joe sent you.

– Joe M.

“Very complete evaluation
Answering all of my questions and expert staff acknowledged my needs and concerns.
Walked away hearing things that I hadn’t heard in decades.”

– Randy L.

“The receptionist was delightful and very knowledgeable about my hearing aids. She prepped me for the doctor who saw me and the doctor cleaned my hearing aids so that I can hear again. The doctor who saw me answered all my questions in a professional manner. I would recommend this clinic highly!”

– Mark Z.

“Can’t say enough about the service and attention they have given me. Have worn aids for about six years and was so discouraged because they just weren’t working. For the first time I could hear sounds I didn’t know I was missing. Has made my life so much better. Ellie has been the best to work with.”

– Sandra W.

“I feel Choice Hearing is an excellent hearing aide provider!!! The service is outstanding and personal care has been super! My aide specialist, Elle, has given me 24 hour access to her and answers any questions at any time!! She is very professional and always on time for my appointments! I love the atmosphere of this facility with warm greetings and offers for drinks!
Letting me try aides for a couple of weeks before getting my permanent ones was a great way to notice the benefits for wearing them! I have had a very good experience from day one! They certainly are 5 gold stars!!”

– Judy K.

“Well run office – efficient and effective as well as professional, friendly and helpful. Choice Hearing took the time to get to know me as a person as well as take me through each step of the process in a way that helped me understand and feel comfortable. Very open and transparent about purchase and payment options. Great at checking in with me and offering support and offering help. My audiologist, Ellie, is excellent and takes time with me to answer all my questions and clarifies what to expect every step of the way. Kathy at the front office manager is also very friendly and helpful. Very happy and satisfied with Choice Hearing and and the hearing aids they helped me understand and select for my needs.”

– C. A.

“Kyle and the team at Modern Hearing Solutions went above and beyond expectations, when my mother recently needed a hearing aid.
They went to great lengths to ensure that they provided the best solution to meet her needs, and worked with her insurance provider to get prompt approval and to keep her out of pocket expense to a minimum.”

– Joe R.

“Kyle helped me understand about my hearing loss. She is very professional and I appreciated her help. She set me up with a new pair of hearing aides and what a difference. People are no longer mumbling! I would recommend highly.”

– Kay C.

“I really happy with them it’s so nice to be able to hear better. I like not hearing my daughter saying I told you 5 times all ready and nice watching people faces when I say I heard that. Thank choice hearing for giving me back my hearing it made my life better.”

– Paula C.

“Great and easy. My audiologist was very thorough And there was no pressure to purchase more expensive choices I feel we are partners in my hearing health”

– Patty R.

“Solid, professional staff. They are always friendly. Receptionist always asks if I would like a coffee or a water. Willing to show you the latest technology without being pushy. I got a call when my hearing aids were about to go out of warranty. They sent them in to have them checked out for me free of charge. I’ve had three different hearing aids from Choice Hearing over the years and I’m not going anywhere else.”

– Barry W.

“Could not have been more pleased, from my first contact on the phone, to walking out of the office after my appointment.

I was having trouble with my right ear, a feeling of fullness and a definite loss in hearing. I suspected an ear wax issue.

I called Modern Hearing Solutions and Cassandra was able to get me in within two days. I met with Kyle, who examined my ears and confirmed my suspicion. Within minutes my right ear was flushed, the wax removed, and my hearing much improved. She spent additional time answering questions about tinnitus and loss of hearing. She suggested some options for moving forward with testing and the eventuality of hearing aids. She was in no way high pressure, just informative. I appreciated her calm demeanor, too.

Cassandra, the front desk person, was pleasant and professional. The facility clean and not medically intimidating.

All in all, it went flawlessly for me.”

– Holly M.

“The care of this center is amazing. They worked with my husband that had been shut off from hearing very well and gave him the gift of sound. The staff and management really care about their patients. Thank you so much. Highly recommend this establishment.

– Ann J.

“Kyle, Alexis, Tiffany, Eric and rest of the staff are absolutely friendly and they treat you like you’re someone special and not a patient or customer. About 4 weeks ago, I went to Modern Hearing about not being able to hear. One thing I never will forget and that is Kyle looked at me and said “You are not leaving this office until you can hear.” All I wanted to do was cry because of how much Kyle and Alexis cares about people. They go out of their way to show they care. You cannot find better people. They take their time to help you, care for you and they answer any and all of your questions. Last night I went into pick up new hearing aids and again they treated me like I was someone special. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone of you. Kyle, Alexis, and Tiffany you are special people and always will be. With tear filled eyes THANKS VERY MUCH. If you have a hearing problem, no fear because MODERN HEARING IS HERE. Love you guys.

– Jack L.

“Today was my first appointment with Kyle Marie Woods, MA., F-AAA, Certified Audiologist at Modern Hearing Solutions (Canton Office) and to say the least, I was extremely impressed with my experience from the time I stepped in their office until my appointment was concluded. I was greeted warmly by the front desk office gal, Cassandra, who was very pleasant, respectful and professional and kind. Cassandra then gave me some paperwork to complete and when I was finished, she showed me into the office where I then met the audiologist, Kyle. Kyle gave me a very thorough hearing exam, she answered all my questions, cleaned out my ears, showed me the new hearing aids and let me try out the hearing aids that was equipped with the newest technology and WOW! She took her time with me, I never felt rushed or pressured. I highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions to anyone who are hearing impaired. They made a follow-up appointment for 3 months. I am extremely happy that I went to Modern Hearing Solutions and will never go anywhere else for my hearing needs!

– Katie R.

“Great experience getting hearing aids for the first time in my 50s!. The staff in the office couldn’t have been more warm snd accommodating with all of my questions. I’ve had my ear pods now for a few weeks and it’s a whole new world. I didn’t even realize how much I was missing just walking down the sidewalk.They are so small and modern and interface easily with my Bluetooth devices. Thank you!!

– Carolyn Q. K.

“From Kathy’s warm and friendly greeting in the lobby to Ellie’s professional and extremely capable service. My appointment moved from routine to requiring extended service, quite unexpected by the both of us. Elli handled what could have been an award and embarrassing situation with kindness and caring. A follow-up appointment was necessary, but brief, and I left with much better hearing and appreciation of what great service looks like. Thanks Elli and Kathy! Thanks Eric for quality on all levels.

– G. L.

“I took my 94 year old mother to see Dr. Ellie. We had almost given up and were ready to be told there is nothing more to be done to improve her hearing. Dr. Ellie told us she has the “latest” hearing aides, which is what we tried and hearing has improved so much. She can even here the clock tick! Thank you Dr. Ellie! You were so patient and professional, all of which we appreciate immensely!

– Chris M.

“Extremely Professional! The friendly, courteous, professionalism starts right at the front desk and never stops! I was greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist who started my great experience. Immediately I was introduced to Ellen. Ellen is also a friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable professional! Ellen also has a great sense of humor! She was very thorough in her testing of my hearing problems and explained the test results clearly so I would understand them. Upon my second visit to pick up my hearing aids Ellen was very professional and explained all that I needed to do with the aids and made sure that all was in working order and that they fit properly. I would most definitely recommend Choice Hearing Centers in New Philadelphia, Ohio to anyone that needs help with assessing their hearing needs!

– Joe S.

“I have been taking my mother to Choice Hearing/ Modern Hearing Solutions for years and have had fantastic results with Dr. Ellen Foltz treating her hearing loss. I had no idea I’d be returning when I learned the sounds I have been hearing in my ears for years was actually due to tinnitus, after reading an article by Dr. Eric Mounts regarding a study for people with ringing in their ears, cricket sounds, or in my case, cicada sounds in my ears. After thoroughly testing both my ears, Dr. Ellie suggested the same type hearing aids my 89 yr. old mother wears. My two following and next week’s upcoming appointments have been to gradually correct my hearing loss in both ears. I immediately noticed positive results. The following appointments will be focused on my tinnitus. I have already noticed the cicada sounds decreasing a bit when I’m wearing my hearing aids. Dr. Ellie also paired them with my cell phone enabling me to hear my phone conversations in both ears through my hearing aids which is so convenient and beneficial. Great news, I found an LG flip phone with the bluetooth feature and took it for my next appointment. She paired the phone up with Mom’s rechargeable hearing devices too. What a boost for her ability to regain her social connections with her sisters! The regular phones distorted the sounds to the point she just waved for me to continue the conversation with whomever she was speaking. After that, she told me that I could just tell her about my conversations regarding the calls. Now, with the ease of speed dialing, she is relearning to use her new phone as a tool for enabling her social life once again. With a little help from me, her hearing aids are impacting her ability to maintain contact with her sisters, ages 88, 94, 96, a d just shy of 101 years old. We are looking forward to many more years of “catching up” and laughter as her hearing aids have brought her sisters close again during this terrible pandemic. Thanks to the positive experiences my mother and I are both receiving from Dr. Ellie, the quality of life for each of us is returning! The staff at Modern Hearing Solutions is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend them here in our New Philadelphia Hearing Center.

– Kim M.

“Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have had my hearing aids for 3 months and am very pleased. I can now hear my 6 year old grandson who talks softly and has a high pitched voice. My wife is happy now that the volume on the TV is turned down to a more normal setting. I would definitely recommend Modern Hearing Solutions to anyone experiencing hearing loss.

– Ron C.

“I was anxious about being able to purchase my new aides. Also, I was switching to a new hearing doctor. I found the office both helpful & caring. The doctor is very efficient & they worked well with my adult children to explain my needs. They try to make certain that I can adjust them correctly!

– Karen E.

“Professional and helpful in my journal of severe tinnitus. Did not realize there was a hearing loss or way to help the tinnitus with hearing aides! Very grateful they are open to try and help with it!

– Marie T.

I’ve been going to Modern Hearing for the past four years and they are an awesome group of people to help with all of your hearing needs. I would recommend them to anyone who has hearing problems.

– Laura W.  

These people were fast though genuinely interested in my hearing problems. They understood and came up with a solution that fit my budget without sacrificing quality.

Highly recommend them, don’t wait especially if you’re currently using older technology.

– Jack O. 

These are great people! Being 30 years old I would say I’m a bit embarrassed that I need hearing aids but going here, they made me feel very comfortable with the whole experience.

They’re very professional and work very hard to get you the aids you need and want. I would not hesitate to contact them if you’re in the market for hearing aids!

– Ronni B.  

While I unhappily anticipated my my recent visit to Modern Hearing Solutions because I knew in reality I had been experiencing new or more hearing loss. It actually turned out to be a positive & uplifting visit. I love my hearing aids, but as we all know both ears are not exactly or  perfectly alike.  I struggled with one stabilizer in one ear being too long for my not-so-perfect ear for 2 years … which caused the hearing aid to rub in the canal and itch. It also was uncomfortable to use my phone on that ear as it pushed the aid in too far. I loved my hearing aids so much that I tolerated that & adjusted as needed for 2 years. Upon mentioning this, to the audiologist,  she was able to readjust & fix this slight, minor, but annoying problem.  And yes, I had increased age-related hearing loss too, which was handled kindly & with an educationally.  OUTCOME?   Better hearing… Immediate comfort and  no more rubbing. I’m happy !  Thank you!

– Elaine R

I was in dire need of supplies for my Phonak Hearing AIDS, I called Modern Hearing and they said no problem we have supplies. I’m glad that they are minutes from my house and that they can take care of getting me supplies, updating my hearing test and most importantly adjusting my hearing aids. Omallah Bush is fantastic, she walked me thru the testing process, very patient, caring, and listened to my needs, making adjustments to my hearing aids along the way. Their receptionist is great, has knowledge of the hearing aids and answered any concerns I had. Losing hearing is difficult enough, with a caring staff it makes it easier, Modern Hearing is a great place, I’m very pleased!

– Shawnee M. 

The caring staff has provided me with the utmost service and quality care to improve my quality of life. I would recommend them without hesitation.

– Tim T.  

Having my hearing back adds 100 percent to my quality of life thank you.

– Stan D.  

I was skeptical at first but I am very satisfied with my visit. I love my new hearing aids. The staff was very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to everyone. Great job!

– Tim M.  

I highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I would not go anywhere else for my hearing needs.

– Sophia M.  

These people are amazing-They care, they take the time, and they all smile. If it wasn’t for these wonderful people at Modern Hearing I probably wouldn’t have my job- I went to 4 different places in Stark County and all I can honestly say is they took their time with me- There was no pressure in buying them- They gave me a hearing test AND a 30 DAY trial period- The most I was offered was 7 days trial period- I know you read a lot and it’s hard to believe but you have to give Modern Hearing a try. You won’t regret it and you’ll be writing your experience just like mine. Just remember we all have some sort of disability so don’t be scared or feel awkward. I did at first but Modern Hearing made me feel like my old self again.

– Cindy B.  

Modern Hearing was a Godsend for me. After visiting several places for assistance with my hearing loss and tinnitus, I found Modern Hearing. The staff is wonderful. Kyle Woods is amazing and absolutely the most caring and compassionate doctor that I could find. The treatment plan designed for me has helped me to live life again. This was not a possibility a year ago. Thank you Modern Hearing and especially Kyle Woods. If you are seeking medical assistance for hearing issues, I implore you to visit with Kyle Woods and Modern Hearing. It saved me and can do the same for you.

– Frank M.  

I felt like an important client, with the care and concerns that were provided to me. I love not having to change batteries. I do have another appointment, as in watching TV the sound isn’t distinct. And they will make any adjustments necessary. The associate Omallah explains everything and I thank her for her patience. Thank you.

– Dorothy L.  

Couldn’t say enough about what a wonderful experience it has been for me getting my Lyric hearing aids! Modern Hearing was so helpful in testing my hearing, and accommodating me with the hearing aids that best met my needs. Delightful, skilled audiologists who really take time with you to bring absolute satisfaction to your hearing needs.

– Lois W.  

I received the best hearing test ever from Modern Hearing. They were then very good in helping me pick out the best possible hearing aids for me. They are very patient and knowledgeable.

– Karen W.  

I am able to get an appointment any time that I want to, sometimes same day. Cathy is very friendly and helpful. These people know their stuff! I recommended my father to Kyle and she did a terrific job helping him with new hearing aids. I have been a client of Kyle’s for over 10+ years. She is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and accommodating. This is testament that I would totally recommend Modern Hearing to my family and friends!

– Karen J.   

Nothing but perfect service and equipment. How many doctors come out to waiting room to greet and escort you back for testing? Eric does.

– Chris F.  

The staff was knowledgeable, helpful and answered all my questions. The audiologist was professional and very knowledgeable. She gave me the opportunity to try two different types of hearing aids in order for me to determine which was best for me. I highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions.

– Elaine F.  

I was very pleased with the staff at Modern Hearing Solutions. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Kyle immediately put me at ease. Getting my hearing devices was definitely a positive experience. I highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions if you are experiencing any type of hearing loss.

– Martha H.  

I highly recommend Modern Solutions in Alliance. The employees are very friendly and helpful. They took time with me and answered all my questions.

– Linda P.  

The people hear are very helpful and nice. I appreciated the speed of the appt to update my hearing aids. They had to charge one of them. It took about 15 minutes. They brought me coffee and made my visit a nice experience.

– Claudia S.  

The very best place to ever go for anything with your hearing. Excellent staff and everyone is so friendly and so helpful. Absolutely would not ever never go anywhere else!!

– Naomi N.  

Thank you very much for being so caring and very helpful people to work with. I love my new hearing aids thank you

– Robert S.  

My dad who is 86 yrs old is fighting back from a brain stem stroke and needed new hearing aids. I can’t express how great we were treated during his appointment! Kyle and Tiffany were extremely patient and so kind since his speech is also impaired. Kyle has changed his life! He can now talk to me and my siblings on the phone, which he couldn’t before because he couldn’t understand what we were saying. He has a different outlook on the rest of his life and all thanks to new hearing aids. Kyle was fantastic and my dad really liked her personality. Thanks for caring about your job and the people you have the power to help!

– Jennifer V.  

Both Tiffany and Kyle were very professional and helpful. I love my new hearing aids!

– Jim F.  

Tiffany the receptionist is the nicest person ever!! She can also repair your hearing aids while you wait and you don’t need an appointment. I really like this place. I love this place. I needed an appointment after the stay at home order and they got me in the same day. Turns out I needed new hearing aids and they really worked with me to help me find something that worked for me but still fit my budget. They really do care. I went there because my ins sent me there but I stay there because I like them.

– Lorraine S.  

Modern Hearing in Alliance is a very good hearing clinic. They will take the time to help figure out what you need to get the best hearing for you. Excellent choice!

– Bob B.  

They are very kind, knowledgeable and helpful, I had a few adjustments that needed to be made, all were solved. I was apprehensive about getting hearing aids when there are so many Companies you can’t trust and who just don’t care. They treated us as though we were important and explained everything thoroughly. I’m grateful for the follow up visits they provide. I highly recommend them for your hearing needs whether simple or complex.

– Jennifer W. .  

I was very pleased with my hearing test, the way Kyle explained eveything to me, and what was being offered to correct my hearing lost. All the staff was cordial and I felt at ease.

– Carol D.  

It was so good to be able to take my hearing aids to the new Akron Location. The staff in Akron actually made a “major” repair while I waited. When I first went into the Modern Hearing store, I was sure they would have to send my hearings aids out for repairs. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

– Jerry S.  

I had a very good experience from the time I arrived, until the time I left. Everyone was friendly and professional. My audiologist was Kyle Woods, and she was great. I wasn’t pressured to buy anything and she listened to all my concerns. I have been to other hearing places, so I have something to compare to. They use the most modern equipment and up to date technology, for both testing and the hearing aids they sell, I have been a customer since 2016. My visit was at the Akron office.

– Bob S.  

I was very pleased with my first appointment and evaluation and looking forward to getting my hearing aids. Dr. Bush was very thorough and took her time to explain everything and answer my question. Great experience.

– John R.  

I had an excellent experience visiting Modern Hearing Solutions. I got new hearing aids and have been 100% pleased with them. I would recommend this company to anyone. Very Happy!

– Floyd K.  

The best hearing service in the area. Very friendly staff.

– Ronald C.   

I have been to the Wadsworth office and most recently the New Philadelphia office. Both offices are great – very friendly and informative helped me to pick a hearing aid that was right for me and they are great when you need adjustments also. I would recommend to family and friends who need help.

– Tammy S.   

My aunt is 80 yrs old and came here for hearing aids that changed her life! She would like to say “My spirits were lifted by being able to hear sounds again! ” The staff was pleasant and easy to work with. Eric patiently worked with my aunt to find hearing aids that fit her lifestyle and budget. They made it easy to understand how the hearing aids worked and how to put them in/out as well as how to take care of them. We would highly recommend this facility.

– Paulo V.  

I am a patient of Dr. Ellie Foltz of the New Philadelphia office. When I met Ellie the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had tinnitus in my left ear and was affecting my hearing. I have been to several ear doctors and nothing seems to work. Out of frustrations I decided to try Choice Hearing Center and set up an appointment to see somebody that could help me. From the first time I met Ellie Foltz, I knew I have found my guardian angel. She understood my frustrations and knew what I needed. Ellie not only was concern about my hearing but also my frustrations with my tinnitus. She went to work and now I am not only hearing better, but my tinnitus has also decreased. I no longer hear the swishing noises like before. The biggest change in all of this is my mental stability. I was getting moody and short tempered and my wife wasn’t enjoying being around me. Thank you Dr, Ellie Foltz for giving me back my life and my wife. I can’t wait for my next visit and thank you again for everything.

– Irene and Jan W.   

Have had hearing aid around 5 or 6 years. Have had very good experience with aids. Personnel are all cheerful friendly and professional. Great service. I recommend them to my son and he also is very satisfied.

– John R.    

I got my hearing aids 3 years ago. Their service was great and they explained every thing to me at examination time and anytime I have had a question they have been very courteous in answering. I highly recommend Choice Hearing Center.

– Walter B.    

I have been a very satisfied customer of Choice Hearing for 16 years. I have always found the staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Their products are top of the line. Staff members are well trained in the procedures necessary to fit them properly so that the customer is able to enjoy all of the features the device has to offer. I would highly recommend Choice Hearing to anyone needing hearing aids.

– Jay P.    

I’ve worn hearing aides consistently for 7 years and have tinnitus that drives me nuts and continues to get worse! I was looking for current technology as well as someone who understands the connection between hearing and the brain. I read about the history of Choice Hearing and its founder. Choice Hearing did not disappoint! I’ve only been wearing their hearing aides for a month, but so far I have been very impressed with their staff and their product. I am hearing much better with the aides prescribed via Ellie’s expertise.

– Debi G.    

I love Ellie, she was very helpful made the process great, and explained my questions. My hearing aids are wonderful, able to hear things I have not been able to hear for year’s. I would recommend anyone to go and see Ellie. Rating A +

– Erika B.    

Ellie was wonderful. She answered all my questions and gave some wonderful advice. Amy was a great help with getting signed up and payments set up. Overall, I would highly recommend Ellie to anyone who needs hearing problems resolved. She helped me and I am so glad. I think my husband is too.

– Nancy R.   

I’m very satisfied with the attention and time they spent. Very happy with the hearing aids I was fitted with. I can wear them all day and actually forget I’m wearing them. I highly recommend to anyone with hearing problems.

– Paul P.   

From my first meeting, everyone has been very professional. On occasions when I need any adjustment or service, I am able to get in to see someone quickly. Excellent service.

– Jim L.   

Listens to your concerns. Makes sure all your needs are met before you leave.

– William L.  

Top notch organization and service, from initially finding them on their website which is so useful I could tell they would provide great care and service, to each phone call where the first person you talk to can knowledgeably answer all your questions, to the first appointment which is handled professionally and customized to address your needs. I felt my hearing is in great hands at Modern Hearing. I also appreciate the fully trained audiologist. Looking forward to working with them through the years.

– Sandy M. 

I was having some hearing issues and didn’t know really where to begin. I looked online and talked to 2 staff members from Modern Hearing Solutions. They were compassionate and professional thank you. The doctor that looked at me was Omallah Bush I would like to thank her for her warm understanding support. You made my visit pleasant and  I’m appreciative of your efforts.

– Mark Z.

From entering the at the reception desk, being helped with your hearing needs, you are greeted with friendly and professional staff.

– Judith R.

I had a very good experience from the time I arrived, until the time I left. Everyone was friendly and professional. My audiologist was Kyle Woods, and she was great. I wasn’t pressured to buy anything and she listened to all my concerns. I have been to other hearing places, so I have something to compare to. They use the most modern equipment and up to date technology, for both testing, and the hearing aides they sell, I have been a customer since 2016.

– Robert S.

These people are excellent, very professional and really know thier stuff, I have being with them for quite a few years. Service is A1 and they can always get you in to take care of you.

You can’t go wrong dealing with them.“

– Dave M.

Awesome people! Kelley is a super person!!

– Ken W.

I have been a patient of Modern Hearing Services for over a decade and can’t say enough good about the organization and Kyle Woods specifically. She/they have always been there for me and my needs and the treatment I have received from them has been nothing short of stellar. I simply can’t recommend Kyle Woods and Modern Hearing highly enough.

– Vince C.

All of the staff were very helpful and I was able to receive my new hearing aid very quickly.

– Matt M.

Went for hearing test, fast and not pushy. Very informative…

– Jeff S.

“The Dover office of Choice Hearing has gone above and beyond to give me satisfaction in my hearing experience. My hearing was very limited and I used to miss a lot of conversations, but now my hearing is great and I am much more engaged. Thank you Choice Hearing.”

– Dave & Esther M.

“Clarity was the main problem with my old hearing aids. Kyle set me up with new hearing aids which I tried out for a week. My wife and I were amazed at the difference they made and after purchasing them we are still well pleased.”

– Ron S.

“I highly recommend this provider. Each person I dealt with was warm, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My hearing aids are high quality, much improved over my previous pair (from a different provider)in clarity, size, and features; they’re bluetooth and rechargeable. Kyle even helped me with my tinnitus! Tiffany was great with my insurance company. Thank you Modern Hearing Solutions for caring about your patients and offering such quality service and products.”

– Marie S.

“I was having some hearing issues and didn’t know really where to begin. I looked online and talked to 2 staff members from Modern Hearing Solutions. They were compassionate and professional thank you. The doctor that looked at me was Omallah Bush I would like to thank her for her warm understanding support. You made my visit pleasant and  I am appreciative of your efforts.

– Mark Z.

“This experience was life changing for us.

From the first initial contact with Eric, to the moment I saw my dad talking to his great-granddaughter with such joy and emotion in his heart.  This was nothing short of a miracle for us.

Dr. Woods was patient and so kind to my father.  She explained every move she made and showed him over and over how to put the hearing devices in and out and charged until he felt comfortable.

She truly showed such compassion and concern for him, which immediately calmed his worries.  It’s a scary world being widowed with no ability to hear or see. 

Pricing is competitive and truly… the gift of hearing impacts everyone… so it’s worth every dime. 

There is nothing I can say that would make anyone understand the miracle I witnessed when MY person (that believed he could never hear again) was given this gift.  If you have the chance, make the call… send the email… answer the text!

– Susan T.

“Everyone at Modern Hearing Solutions treated me wonderfully.  I felt very comfortable & freely shared my hearing issues.  Support is amazing & ongoing! Thank you, Kyle, Tiffany, & Tina!

– Marilyn P.

My mom’s tinnitus was getting to the point of being unbearable and she was miserable. We were at our wits ends, and then we found Kyle at Modern Hearing Solutions. She demonstrated compassion, patience, knowledge and positiveness in assessing, testing and fitting my mom for hearing aids. Kyle helped her pick ones that were both effective and affordable. Mom’s hearing is so much better! She hardly notices her tinnitus anymore. Thank you Kyle, and your team, for making us feel like family.

–  J.S.

“I had a wonderful experience at Modern Hearing solutions.  Everyone was friendly and professional.  The offices were spotlessly clean and all Carona Virus precautions were utilized.

Wait time was minimal before seeing Omallah Bush, my excellent audiologist.  She was kind and most knowledgeable while she answered all my questions and completed a thorough hearing test.  My hearing aids arrived within a week.  Ms Bush took plenty of time to explain the care and wearing of them.  She made sure they fit properly and that I knew how to put them in, take them out, adjust volume, recharge them, etc.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.

– Helen D.

“Kyle Woods was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She was very patient when assessing my grandmothers needs and helped us come up with affordable options. She even called the next day to check in on her! Can you believe that?! She always made herself available for questions that Gram had while getting comfortable with her new hearing aids. For the first time in forever, Gram asked US to turn the TV down! I highly recommend her!

– Emily H.

“I can not say enough about the professionalism of the staff and ownership.

They are always there to help . I am so glad how they have helped regain my hearing loss through my hearing aids. They have been there at the beginning and a year later they are always happy to help . I would recommend them to my Family and friends Thank you, Jack

– Jack J.

My experience at Modern Hearing in Canton for the past 4 years has been excellent. Both Kyle and Kelly were friendly and professional and changed my life in the ability to be able to listen to the rest of the world.

– Alice R.

“Had a great visit and check up at Choice Hearing in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Elle Foltz and Eric  Mounts are very professional and courteous. They always answer my questions thoroughly and the staff is very friendly and polite. Highly recommend their services.

– Chuck M.

“The team at modern hearing is great – very professional and courteous. They work with you to get the best solution for your needs, and are readily available to provide support when you need it. Highly recommend them!

– Laurie S.

“Dr. Omallah was extremely caring and attentive with my 97yr old Grandma. Also, the staff was cheerful and positive, would definitely highly recommend them!”

– Sheri A.

“A big thank you to Kyle and Tiffany at Modern Hearing Solutions. Kyle was very knowledgeable and helpful in finding the right hearing aids for my needs.  I only wish I had gone there sooner.  Tiffany made the process of payment and scheduling simple.  The devices are amazing! Again, Thank You! ”

– Dan R.

“I had set up an appointment with Kyle for myself and my mother.(102 years old). I can’t express how great of a job Kyle does. So friendly yet professional . She treats my mother like it was her mother. I highly recommend this organization.”

– William O.

“Our audiologist, Kelly Smouse, is excellent.  We received exceptional service.  She is very patient and understanding.  She is also an extremely talented professional.  We were offered an outstanding  product, which we purchased.  Not only are we comfortable with the hearing device, we find it’s features exciting to use.  All in all, an excellent experience. ”

– Bill P.

“ First time for hearing aids, very nervous and apprehensive… Amazing experience! The staff was very friendly and Ellie Foltz was EXCEPTIONAL!! Very professional and friendly, explained the testing procedure, fitted me and … I CAN HEAR !!  Absolutely amazing experience… feel like I got part of my life back that I didn’t realize what I was missing! Thank You !!”

– Ray S.

“ Been going there for at least 15 years. Anybody can sell hearing aids, it’s what happens after you get them. That’s what counts. Follow up service is where you will see what I’m talking about. Eric and his office staff shows their knowledge and care. Great group of people.”

– James R.

“ My experience was excellent. They took the time to explain everything and was available for questions once I got home. They do not hurry and make you feel comfortable. I am very pleased with my choice.”

– John A.

“Been going there for 5 or 6 years now, Very well satisfied. Great office manager, Very knowledgeable staff.”

– Richard Vogt

“Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.”

– Sandra Hendrickson

“2 years ago my mother got brand new hearing aids from a different hearing aid provider and she still couldn’t hear!! She went to Modern Hearing Solutions, was fitted for new hearing aids and her hearing has improved significantly!! Thank you, Modern Hearing Solutions!!!”

– Steve and Kristen Dunleavey

“Always the greatest staff and helpful in every way”

– David Dornfeld

“My father is 80 and didn’t think he needed hearing aids. Lol after a family intervention from his daughters and grandchildren, he agreed to go. We went to Modern Hearing Solutions of Wadsworth and was beyond happy with the service and the outcome. Scheduling was easy and we were able to talk about coverage upfront. Once there, they walked us through the testing/selection and fitting process pointing out along the way reasons for him to wear them daily. Quickly after my dad’s speech, improved-he had a slight slur because he couldn’t hear himself speak as clearly as he does now and he is engaging more with those of us who love him dearly. Now he is back to selective hearing-tuning us out when he wants to. Modern Hearing Solutions was amazing throughout this journey! Thx you Kelly and the entire team!”

– Bob Simmons and Family

“People are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

– Lynda Gorog

“I have had trouble with getting the help I need at other places in the past, but at Modern Hearing Solutions they bent over backward to help me! I highly recommend them to anybody searching for a hearing center who truly cares and takes a personal interest in their patient’s satisfaction and quality of life!”

– Ashley Zakikian

“Great people, really care about you.”

– Todd Johnson

“What a positive experience. I took my 81 yr old mother to get her hearing checked. Kyle Woods was the sweetest professional I’ve encountered in a while. The waiting room was comfortable and offered goodies. I would highly recommend this for your hearing needs.”

– Denise Rhodes

“What a fantastic change in my inability to hear by working with Eric at Modern Hearing Solutions! Eric, Kyle, and Cheryl all work together in determining the key steps for me to take! AND…THE PRICE IS RIGHT !!!”

– Bob Park

“Liked them and bought hearing aids. Extremely happy with the volume of hearing.”

– Phyllis Lucarielli

“Very friendly staff! Helpful doctor!”

– Mrs. Derwacter

I found this wonderful place online! I knew I wasn’t hearing right! They are all such wonderful friendly people and fixed me up with Phonak blue tooth hearing aids the same day as my appt! It’s so great to hear things Things I hadn’t even realized I was missing! They take their time with you, explain in great detail and still keep the office moving along! I can talk on my phone through my hearing aids, stream YouTube and listen to music all through the hearing aids! It isn’t hard either! I highly recommend this office!

– Karen C.

Video Testimonials

As one of the premier hearing centers in Canton, Alliance, Akron, Millsburg, Wadsworth, & New Philadelphia OH, our audiologists, hearing care specialists, and team at Choice Hearing Center & Modern Hearing Solutions also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Massillon, North Canton, Louisville, Salem, Dover, Bolivar, Medina & Norton, OH, and surrounding areas.